Hello fellow Travellers!

Last Friday we had our first gig of the new season!

We kicked off 2019 at Zaal100 with Valentino’s Fajadja as warmup!

It was the gig that introduced me as the new lead singer, so there was a lot of turnout from my friends and family and also a lot of loyal long time Greenhill Traveller fans.

Fajadja kicked it off in rockin’ and groovin’ style and we played two sets that had all the greats, from Lark in the morning all the way to Fields of Athenry to wrap it up.

Interesting fact was that we got two versions of Bella Ciao that evening, a groovin’ Italian one from Fajadja and a folksy improvisational Dutch one from us! Was really cool to see the two versions together and we hope to see Fajadja much more in future gigs!


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