Hiya Travellers!

It’s been a while since we had an update. It’s not that nothing interesting has been happening, on the contrary. However Corona seriously hit us with the cancel-stick. Our planned recordings for a new album were cancelled, most of our 2020 gigs were cancelled and rehearsing together was impossible for a while.

However, now that things are slowly improving again we’re back at rehearsal and actually writing quite a bit of new original material. Once we’ll have enough of this fleshed out we’ll setup a new recording session and see about releasing as new album.

On a bit shorter term, we have our first post-corona concert coming up!

Sunday the 18th of October we’ll be in Monster, playing our heart out! Tickets are only 7 euros so send an e-mail to info@cultuurschuur.nl and reserve your spot!

More information can be found here: http://www.cultuurschuur.nl/keltische-muziek-met-greenhill-travellers/

We’ll see you there and stay tuned for much more exciting news coming up!


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